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Fireworks have always been one of our passions and now we can offer those amazing products that everyone that has grown to love in Scott’s shows that he puts on every 4th. We also offer you to book an amazing show for your holiday party!

Over the last 15 years I have found great products from Oregon to Missouri to Pennsylvania that I have used in my shows and that’s why I believe we have the best products. All the products we offer we use in our own shows! We are all about quality not quantity.

​Going Ape Fireworks offers you the best fireworks bargains in Iowa And Wisconsin. We offer an incomparable fireworks shopping bargain for you and your family and can help you coordinate the show for your family and friends. We carry the hottest and most recognized brands at the lowest prices possible so you can rest assured we offer the value that many others don’t.

Days Until 4th of July,2024


Scott knows his Fireworks and has great products! Tis is the Place to get all of your booming needs!

-Ernesto Bueno

Scotty, I've always liked your shows and those TANNERITES!! Looking forward to checking out your new stuff in 2019.

- Amanda Rutledge

By far the best bang for your buck. Fireworks are amaizing and scott always produces fast and exceeds expectations.

-Jake Seymour

Scott is very knowledgable with all the products he offers. if you're looking for a great deal and great products, talk GOING APE FIREWORKS and Scott.

- Daniel Mariscal

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